Energizing Massage

Set your body atingle!

Revitalize your tired and sore muscles with this invigorating massage. This treatment combines elements of sports massage and stretching with tapotement (or percussions – hacking, cupping, pummeling, tapping, plucking). The strokes and movement are quicker paced than other offerings and designed to put a pep in your step as opposed to having you ooze off the massage table, although, some find it relaxing as well.

What are some benefits? Let us count the ways:

  • Increase local blood circulation, which helps warm and soften underlying tissues
  • Increase muscle tone (by stimulating nerve endings, tiny muscular contractions are produced, resulting in greater tone)
  • Can help clear lung passages, for easier breathing
  • Helps reduce fatty deposits and tone flabby muscle areas
  • Promotes mental and physical clarity, fosters peace of mind and enhances¬†creative thinking.


45 minutes – $60